Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Depends on Me

 "This is a great powerful statement from some spiritually achieved ones: 'My life depends on me, not on Heaven.'
     Excessively religious people may think those people had no God, but I don't see it that way.  I think that these were spiritually self-responsible people who did not rely on external authority to make themselves behave correctly.  The did not relinquish authority over their lives to other people and external circumstances, trading in Heaven's support to become dependent on others.  They did what was right and depended upon their own attainment and achievement to see them through life.
     This kind of achievement is called spiritual independence, and it is above the realm of ordinary religious followers.  I regard it as highly respected elucidation of the Way."
 -  Hua-Ching Ni, The Light of All Stars Illuminates the Way, 1994, p.26

"The gods help those that help themselves."
Aesop's Fables, Ancient Greece

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Self-Reliance and Independence

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