Monday, June 08, 2015

If a Tree Falls in Red Bluff ...

We needed to have five trees removed on our property last week.  We hired A1 Tree Service from Red Bluff.  A 3 person crew with all the proper equipment came to our house last Wednesday.  They cut all the trees down safely, neatly piled the cut wood, shredded all the smaller limbs, branches and leaves, and hand trimmed all branches touching the house.  I was satisfied with the quality, timeliness, and reasonable (albeit expensive) cost.

Having a single tree cut down and removed can cost from $200 to over $2,400, depending on the size of the tree, the location of the tree, species of the tree, potential hazards, and the condition of the tree. We spent $1,300 for all this work to be done safely and properly. 

I have two electric chain saws that I have used to remove most trees that are under 25 feet tall, and with limbs and trunks from 2" to 10" in diameter.  Some trees are just too tall, to large, and in a location that is dangerous to our home or fencing, and too dangerous for a 70 year old man like me to cut down.  The pine tree limb behind me in the picture below was just too heavy for me to safely remove.

I will tackle the piles shown below on early Monday morning, before the afternoon temperatures reach over 100F.  Cleaning up the three downed trees this area will take me at least 7 hours. 

I pile the cut trunk and limbs in my south field in a firewood pile.  The trees we have cut down in the last six months include cypress, eucalyptus, pine, willow, and cottonwood. 

Lots of good pine firewood to move and split.

One cottonwood tree was rather large, and a bit unsteady, and it was blocking our Internet signal.  It is now gone.  The Internet speed and steady signal are now greatly improved.

This was one cottonwood tree that we had removed.
Much too big of a job for me to do alone.

Lots of potential firewood to move and split.
A cord of firewood delivered, depending on the wood, runs from $100 to $300.

Job completed in the front yard, east side, and street side. 
Clean, neat, and now safe!

It took me 10 hours of work this past weekend to pick up the cut pine limbs on the east street side and to take to my firewood pile in the south field, rake up all the fallen needles, pick up all the sticks, prune dead branches, and put all the street side split rail fencing all back in place. 

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