Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Work Projects

I have been working each morning since late May on renovating our back porch.  About 25% of the porch roof needed replacement.  Old screens and doors needed to be removed and then replaced.  It porch roof support wood needed to be cleaned, fixed, and repainted.  The side walls of the house needed to be cleaned and repainted.  Roof gutters needed cleaning.  Branches hanging over the house roof needed to be removed.  It has been a big project!

My ailing shoulder has slowed my pace somewhat; but, I continue to make progress.  Since temperatures in June have been well above 100F every day, afternoon work is not possible for me.

Karen has helped as time and energy permit.

I walk and do Taijiquan in the morning from 4:45 am to 6 am.  Then I begin work on home improvement projects.  Around noon, I quit outdoor work, and come indoors to read and write.  Because of my shoulder problem, I've not done any heavy weightlifting at the gym during the entire months of June.

This is how the back porch looked in 2006:

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