Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trash Cleanup

For the last 16 years, a portion of our south field has been used for storing metal, plastic, and wood trash.  We decided to clean up the south field.

Karen and I rented a dumpster from Green Waste of Tehama County.  The 20 cubic yard dumpster was delivered yesterday morning.  We have one week to fill the dumpster, before it is removed and taken to the Tehama County Landfill.

We use Green Waste of Tehama County for weekly reliable curbside trash disposal - mostly paper waste.  We save aluminum cans, metal cans, plastic, and glass containers; and then recycle with Green Waste pickup.  We have a compost pile for garbage.  Larger weeding, pruning, and tree trimming green waste is piled in the south field and burned on December 21st after rain, and the ashes are used as fertilizer.  

Unfortunately, for us, the weather rapidly turned extremely hot.  Temperatures have climbed to over 105F in the afternoon.  We work from 5 am to 11:30 am.

Karen got bit by wasps five times while working on this cleanup project.  She is tough! 

Our dog, Bruno, smelled and dug his way into gopher holes, snake holes, bee and wasp hives in holes ...   He stayed with us the whole time we worked on the clean up project. 

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