Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dead and Dying Are About

Halloween, Samhain, Dad of the Dead, End of the Year Coming, Fall

In America, today, we enjoy Halloween festivities.  People dress up in costumes.  Candy is exchanged and given to children.  Activities and games are played: bobbing for apples, scaring people, pranks, walking in corn mazes, pumpkin carving and rolling, nighttime fires, pie making, harvest activities, etc.  Of course, many people in America do nothing unusual today; and could care less about Nature religion and "pagan" Samhain festivities.   

I shoveled up the rotting remains of four pumpkins on our front porch ... limp, blackened yuck.  
We accidentally killed a squirrel on Highway 99, North Main, when it ran from the Red Bluff River Park onto the roadway.
Karen's friend's dog died today.
224 people died today in an airplane crash in the Sinai, Egypt.
Millions are dying from diseases: malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, typhoid, poisoning, cholera, cancer, stroke ....
Many are dying today because of wars and fighting all around the world.
Somebody dying has always been news, everywhere. 

Memories of Ancestors.
Greco-Roman Hellenistic Era
Memories of Traditions, Customs, Religions. Rituals, Languages
Time.  Death or Renewal Rituals

El Dia de la Muerte.
Remember and celebrate our Ancestors.

Halloween Skeletons will walk on the streets tonight. 

Macabre.  Play acts and costumes.  

Reminding us of Darkness, Fears, Monsters, Fate, Death!

Happy Halloween!!! 

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