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Internal Mental Cultivation and Taijiquan

"The three educational schools are: Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. These three schools are the most influential groups that have long dominated Chinese thinking and philosophy. Each of these three schools focuses on the philosophical development of human nature (i.e. internal mental cultivation) through comprehension and physical health through physical activities (i.e., martial activities). Moreover, each of these schools believes that the mind is the master of the entire being, and controls our thinking and physical activities. In order to reach the goal mental or spiritual cultivation and physical health, you must know how to protect and firm you essence (Gu Jing), nourish your Qi (Yang Qi), and raise up your spirit (Ti Shen). These three things are considered the three treasures of life (San Bao). Only if you know how to do these things are you then able to have a peaceful, calm, and profound mind to think, ponder and understand. Moreover, you will be able to perform you physical activities healthily."
- Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style, 2001, p. 138

Virtues and a Good Life

How to Live a Good Life: Advice from Wise Persons



Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form and Qigong. By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Boston, MA, 2010. 396 pages. ISBN: 978-1594392009. "Awards: Gold Winner, 2011 IP's Living Now Awards; Gold Winner, 2011 eLit Award, Finalist - 2011 Eric Hoffer Award, Finalist - 2011 USA Best Book Award. Taijiquan is a slow and relaxed moving meditation. It is also a sophisticated martial arts system. Through practicing Taijiquan, you are able to calm down the mind, locate your spiritual center, and consequently find your entire being. From the relaxed moving exercise, you can bring your physical body into an ultimate level of relaxation and natural ease, resulting in smooth Qi (inner energy) and blood circulation. This is a key to maintaining health and recovering from sickness. This book is an in-depth guide for beginners to learn Taijiquan properly. It offers a general plan for practicing Taijiquan, and then goes into great depth to present enough content for proper learning." If you have practiced a version of the Yang style based on the Yang Cheng Fu (1920's) version, as documented by Fu Zhongwen, then you will find differences from the Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming version of the "classical" Yang Style Taijiquan movement sequence.  The postures are the same, the sequence is somewhat different.  VSCL.

Alan Watts

Cheng Man-ch'ing

Yang Cheng Fu

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