Sunday, April 24, 2016

Slow Down Time

I've been resting at home for four days, trying to recover from acute bronchitis. The coughing, general fatigue, and discomfort have been trying for a 70 year old man.  Hopefully, recovery is coming - albeit slowly.  

I missed the Chen Tai Chi Workshop in Sacramento this weekend because of this health problem.  Bad luck!

Can't think as clearly as I would like.  If the lungs don't work well, the brain does not work as well.  


  1. Anonymous3:06 AM PDT

    Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for your daily blogs, they help keep me on track as I explore what is to me a new interest/way of living. And they inspire

    Thank you from Manchester, England

  2. Anthony,
    Thanks very much for the positive comments and best wishes.

    Feeling stronger today - went to work, lifted weights, and taught yoga. Not so easily winded and tired as before.