Sunday, June 19, 2016

Home Base Restablished

Today, Karen, Katelyn, and I, drove south from Vancouver, Washington, 485 miles of driving, to Red Bluff, California.  We all arrived in good humor, safe and sound.  Steady, fast, and safe Interstate 5 travel.  

I am now at my main desktop workstation.  Surprisingly, it is relatively cool indoors with two small fans running in the house.  

From, June 8th to June 18th, we stayed at our family home in Vancouver, Washington.  

It was satisfying and a pleasure to see everyone- chat, sight see, dine, and shop with family and friends.    

I really enjoyed sitting on a balcony with views over trees of the complex cloud movements flowing overhead every day.  Cool weather!  Clean air.  Some rain! Sipping hot beverages and looking.  Lovely weather the entire vacation in Vancouver/Portland.  

Karen and I visited many cities in southwestern Washington.  We traveled on Washington State Road 4 and State Road 6.  The entire north side of the Cloumbia River Valley from Vancouver to Illaco is spectacular; and Wilapa Bay will be revisited by me in the near future.  

We helped our son and his wife move out of their rented home in Portland.  Their lease was up on June 15th, and the owner wants to sell.  

A delightful vacation for Karen and I.  

Unfortunately, for me, 0n 6/18, I fell down the last two steps of a stairway and fell hard on my left knee.  I will see my internal medicine physician on Monday morning 7/20, for my 4 month blood test results; however, my major concern now is getting Lassen Medical Center to promptly help me to begin healing my injured left knee.  I can walk.  But I sense that that the injury is more serious. This is a bad turn of events for my body.  A bad fall on 3/13 injuring my right knee and right hip; and, now, a second fall on 6/18 injuring my left knee.  I just can't believe this.  Double Darn Bad Shit ... I hope not.  We shall see.  

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  1. So sad to hear about your falls and injuries! Your active lifestyle will be modified to a different "active" for a while. I trust that your internal active remains the same as pre-injury.