Thursday, June 02, 2016

Summer Vacation and My Retirement

Today is the last day of my weekly part-time employment for this school year, 2015-2016.  I begin my summer vacation, tomorrow.  This vacation will run from June 3rd until August 18th. 

I will focus on enjoying my home and gardens this summer.  Taijquan playing, walking, gardening, weightlifting, and teaching yoga and taijiquan will be my somatic practices; albeit modified to help my right hip and right knee to mend from a recent hard fall I took while running.  I intend to travel to Oregon and Washington.  Plenty of reading and writing on hot summer afternoons.  Family visits and outings. Researching the subject of Hedonism.

I work part-time, 3 days and 24 hours a week for the Corning Union Elementary School District serving 2,100 students in grades K-8.  I've worked part-time for the CUESD since 1999.  I am a classified supervisor.  I have managed five libraries, textbooks and consumables, websites, educational software support, and have written and managed budgets for $4.5 million in grants for the district.  I work as a substitute teacher as needed.  It has been an enjoyable, challenging, and worthwhile employment opportunity.   

I have decided that the upcoming 2016-2017 school year, which runs from August 18th, 2016 until June 3rd, 2016 will be my final year at this job.  I will be 71 years of age when I retire in June of 2017.  I have been employed since I was 15 years old - 54 years of work.   

Hopefully, I can live a few more years and remain in good health and be able to enjoy myself, prosper, learn, create, and contribute something positive to others.  


  1. Best wishes for your retirement. It sounds like you have lots of plans to keep yourself busy!

  2. Anna,

    Thank you for the kind thoughts. My mother used to say "Let's be a busy bee." Yes, I still hope to be busy, productive, a contributor.