Thursday, July 06, 2017

Work Completed: Phase One

We define "Phase One Completed" as when a room in our new home has no storage boxes in it, most of our current belongings fill the room in a relatively normal manner, the room is functionally useful, and we are both satisfied with the progress.

We have completed Phase One for the front entrance living room, the main large bedroom, and Karen's office in the first small bedroom, and the two bathrooms.

The golden retriever dog is my daughter's dog.  This is the front entrance living room.

Karen's office in the first small bedroom.  This is her main "communications" center.  A comfortable rocking chair behind her makes for a good place to stay in touch with others with the phone, texting, or social media; and, a nice place for reading books or her Kindle.  She is the family business manager.

We are now working on our large family room that we call the "Wood Room."  Not near Phase One Completed.  

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