Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Crazy Killers with Arsenals

Another disheartening tragedy in Las Vegas!  The senseless mass murder of 59 people, and the injuring of over 500 people at an outdoor country music concert.  Distressing, unfathomable, horrific, evil, shameful.  A deep sorrow for all affected and concerned.  A very sad day!  

I've written numerous times about these terrible incidents and my response to them.  For Example, Prepping for the Kill in 2015.  

How many guns did the wealthy heartless killer Stephen Paddock own?  Police found 42, 19 at the crime scene.  Seriously, 42 rifles and guns.  The cruel diversions of some rich men are disgusting.  

I realize that even with strict gun control, like that found in more peaceful countries without frequent mass murders, this will not prevent some murder.  However, maybe NOT the murder of 59 persons and injuring over 500 people in one unforgettable night.  

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