Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Health Problems

I continue to have some heart problems.  Today, Dr. Gungor will perform an angiogram test at 11 am.  He will give me the good or bad news afterwards.  Yes, I am a bit nervous.  After 71 years of good health, circumstances have changed. 

The challenges of aging!  Deal with them!!

Aging Well


  1. Another day, another change.

    "One's life only reaches 100 years,
    the body begins to deteriorate when you pass 40.
    How good is it to fight for both fame and money if the body cannot take it?
    Just enrich your knowledge by reading and
    improve your skill by diligently practicing this art (tai chi).
    Be an orchid in an empty valley, its fragrance will attract admirers." - Professor Cheng Man Ching (鄭曼青)

  2. You've kept yourself fit, Michael. You've helped keep your blogger fans mentally and physically fit. So, it is 'fitting' that we continue to pull for you. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you for the encouraging and kind feedback!
    Yes, keeping mentally and physically fit in one's 70's is a real challenge when health setbacks require substantial readjustments to one's previous routines.