Monday, October 09, 2017

The Wonderful Hands of Tai Chi

Tai Chi's "Wonderful Hand."
Chang Cheung-hsing's "Message of His Discovery of the General Theory of Tai Chi Ch'uan."

"Totally Yin with Yang is "Soft Hand".
Totally Yang without Yin is "Hard Hand".
10% Yin with 90% Yang is "Hard Rod Hand".
20% Yin with 80% Yang is "Combat Hand".
30% Yin with 70% Yang is "Rigid Hand".
40% Yin with 60% Yang may be classified as "Good Hand".
Only 50% Yang beautifully matched with 50% Yin, without being partial to either Yin or Yang, is regarded as "Wonderful Hand".
The execution of "Wonderful Hand: is an expression of Tai Chi.
When all images and forms are completely neutralized, things once again return to their original state of "nothingness." "
- Cloud Hands, Inc. Tai Chi Chuan: The Technique of Power, p 75. By Cloud Hands Inc., 2003. 290 pages. ISBN: 0974201308. VSCL.

My teacher, Sifu Knack, once spoke of "Blood Hand." It is when you punch so hard that the blood of your opponent is on your fist.

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