Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

I participate in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at the Peace Health Hospital in Vancouver on Mill Plain Avenue.  I had a stent implanted in my left arterial descending (LAD) in my heart on 10/18, and a pacemaker implanted in my heart on 6/9.  

I attend physical exercise classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 10 to 11:30 am.  I attend a heart health lecture on Wednesday from 9 to 10 am.  

I take a blood sugar test before and after the class, blood pressure is taken three times during the class, exertion levels are monitored, and I wear a electronic heart monitor that shows results on a computer monitor observed by experienced staff.  Staff members check and observe participants, and encourage you, and keep participation safe.  They contact heart physicians as needed.  

The physical exercises include 30 minutes of treadmill using pre-assigned levels of intensity settings (speed and incline).  25 minutes of seated incumbent bike.  30 minutes of chair exercises with weights or bands, and stretching.  

Diet is very important.  I try to eat under 1700 calories per day, reducing fat and salt and cheap carbohydrates.  My goal is to get my body weight to under 240 pounds, and I now weight 247.  

I take 4 medicines for heart problems.  This is an essential part of my medical program.  The medicines lower blood pressure, reduce clotting in the stent, prevent increased heartbeat, and includes a mild diuretic.   

I trust the team of therapists, nurses, physician's assistants, and physicians.  

Starting this weekend, I plan to add a similar workout on Saturday and Sunday at the LA Fitness gym on Fourth Plain Avenue near the Lewiston Highway (503).  

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