Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Vancouver Tai Chi Chuan Studio

Northwest Taijiquan and Qigong
The Vancouver Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Studio
Sifu Brian Knack

Assistant Instructors: Bill, Sandy, Joel

Vancouver Health and Wellness Building

202 E. Mcloughlin Blvd., Vancouver, Washington, 98663
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The information on the Northwest Taijiquan website has not been updated.

Class Schedule:
Tuesday Morning 9-11 am
Tuesday Evening 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Thursday Morning 9-11 am  (Class Cancelled Jan-Mar 2018)
Saturday Morning 10-12 am

I plan to attend these classes in 2018.  

The facility is clean and attractive, and located in downtown Vancouver, near Main Street and Mcloughlin Blvd.  An excellent peaceful atmosphere with many very accomplished and knowledgeable students.  Good mature attitudes all around, and peaceful and friendly people.  

Here are the kinds of Taijiquan and Qigong we have been practicing at the Vancouver Studio with Sifu Knack, and the advanced students and assistant Instructors Sandy, Bill, Joel, Camille and with four to eight other other students. I also use DVDs by Sifu Knack for home study.  Curriculum: 

Yang Style Taijiquan 24 Form
Yang Style Taijiquan 108 Long Form

Hunyuan Chen Taijiquan 24 Form
Eight Gates Warmup Yang Taijiquan

Push Hands
Da Lu

Hun Yuan Qigiong

Kuan Yin Sitting Qigong
Bagua Qigong: Liang Shen Pu
Eight Immortals Flute Stick Form
Hun Yuan Taiji Stick and Qigong Ruler

32 Sword Form
Chen Broadsword Form

About Sifu Bryan Knack Ph.D./Ma.Sc.D.

"Bryan Knack was inducted to the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year" and "International Sifu of the Year."

Sifu Bryan Knack began studying martial arts in the mid-70's, begining with the external martial arts of Goju-ryu (Okinawan karate) and Siu Lum Kung Fu in the 1980's. Then he turned his studies to Tai Chi and Qi Gong and had a training center in Portland, Oregon.
He returned to his hometown of Spokane to open his own studio, Northwest Tai Chi for Health in 2000. Sifu Knack returned to the Vancouver/Portland area in 2011 to be close to his family."

"Tai Chi is fun!  The Vancouver Tai Chi and Qigong Studeio offers an affordable program for multiple section classes for a monthly charge, or for a small fee for each class you attend."

Come and Join us in Practicing and Learning Taijiquan and Qigong. 

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