Sunday, December 31, 2017

With Slow Movements ...

"The movements of Qigong exercise should be slow instead of fast because slow movements will nourish qi and combine the posture with qi. The training practice of Qigong should start with Wuji with slow movement until the closing of the training.  Every movement and step must be done slowly, opening and spreading of the body be slow, closing and sinking of the body be slow, and rising and falling of the body be slow.  With slow movements, one can keep thinking whether the upper, lower, left and right of the body are followed, and whether the interior and exterior are coordinated.  With the slow and gentle movements and posture, the internal qi is conducted to flow slowly in the body to integrate mindwill with qi, vitality with posture, and enter the realm of forgetting the substance and me."
-  Master Wang Fengming, Special Taoist Taji Stick and Ruler Qigong, p. 115. 

Hun Yuan Stick and Ruler Qigong

Hun Yuan Qigong, Primordial Qigong, Mixed Circles Qigong

Valley Spirit Qigong

Vancouver Tai Chi and Chi Kung Studio, Vancouver, Washington State

I was given a number of books by family and friends this holiday season, and for my 72nd birthday. I thank them for their generosity. 

A 5 DVD set of instructional DVDs from Brett Wagland and Fontane Ip from Canberra, Australia.  They teach Hunyuan Taijiquan and Qigong.  A $125 investment in coaching in Hunyuan:

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners. By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Instructional DVD, 293 minutes. YMAA, 2012. VSCL.

Tai Chi Chuan Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style. By Dr. Wang, Jwing Ming. Foreword by Tsung-Hwa Jou. Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, YMAA Publication Center, 3rd Edition, 1986, 1996, 2015. Index, glossary, bibliography, 274 pages. ISBN: 978-1594392948. VSCL.

Tai Ji Quan: 105 Posture Yang Style Solo Form - Instructions and Applications. Chen Kung Series, From the Private Family Records of Master Yang Luchan, Volume Three. Translation and commentary by Master Stuart Alve Olson. Phoenix, Arizona, Valley Spirit Arts, 2017. Bibliography, appendices, 234 pages. ISBN: 978-1548105372. VSCL. "The long-awaited third volume in the Chen Kung Series presents the detailed instructions on the original Yang Style 105-Posture Taijiquan form, along with explanations of the practical self-defense applications, commentaries by Chen Kung, translations of the illustrations in the text, and notes by Stuart Alve Olson. A truly remarkable, insightful work that complements anyone’s library on the art of Taijiquan." "Born in 1906, Master Chen Kung (a.k.a., Yearning K. Chen and Chen Yen-lin) passed away in Shanghai, Chiina, in 1980. Master Chen Kung copied the Yang Family manuscripts in 1930."

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