Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Medicine Ball Exercises

Martial Arts, physical culture, and Qigong enthusiasts can benefit from using a medicine ball when doing exercises.  There are many routines developed by Taijiquan and Qigong masters using a medicine ball.   Qigong Ball exercisers can get into a calm mode, mellow their mood, and go with the Flow.  

Medicine Ball Training and Exercises: Bibliography, Links, Resources 
.  Prepared by Mike Garofalo.  A general introduction to the use of medicine balls in exercise programs.

I developed my own medicine ball routine called: 
Magic Pearl Qigong. 

Magic Pearl Qigong, Part I, Movements 1-8 
.   Instructions, Bibliography, Links, Handouts, Resources, Mythological Associations, Lore.  Prepared by Mike Garofalo. 

The Magic Pearl Qigong can be a very vigorous physical culture routine if you increase the weight of the ball, lower the stances, and increase the number of repetitions of each movement.  Serious Qigong Ball enthusiasts use a very light wooden ball, move slowly, stay relaxed, sink, play.  

In addition, upper body strength and athletic fitness is also be improved by practicinlonger Taijiquan Forms using weapons like the saber, sword, cane, and staff. 

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