Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Walking Meditation

"1) The slower the better. With each session, your movements will become more fluid, beautiful, and confident. "Yue man yue hao." This means "the slower the better" in Chinese!

2) Each time your foot touches the ground, or leaves the ground, you imagine it getting bigger and bigger until it rivals the size of the Universe itself. Your steps can become lower and larger as long as you remain in control of your balance. No wobbling!

3) Your hands should move in a circular fashion. The circle of perfection without cracks or grooves in your imagery. But don't beat yourself up over that, time will bring this perfect geometry.

4) The movements should resemble water and so assimilate that into your practice.

5) Probably the most important visualization that you can perform during this practice, is the idea of your body, hands, head, feet, all of the circumference of your body, gradually becoming as large as the Universe. It is the same idea as the "Diao Tian Qi" (Falling from Heaven Qi) healing practice, previously taught by Master Lao, where you imagine your hand becoming as large as the Universe and filling with energy. This imagery should be expanded to the whole body until you feel as if your are strolling through the Universe itself. Your foot is the Milky Way, and your head and other extremities expand even beyond what your mind can grasp. This helps to "break the connection" of the rational mind, allowing it to focus on the senses of your body and igniting the electrical impulses needed to perform physical movement. But the mind is no longer needed to put together the jigsaw puzzle containing the many pieces of these separate actions.

6) The more you relinquish control of the mind and let it settle downwards into the Dan Tian, and merge with the heart and its five "windows," the more capable you are of making the medicine of healing energy in the cauldron of your body."

Walking the Circle to Find the Path
By Master Lao

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