Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feedback, Reviews, Kudos

I get lots positive feedback about my many webpages each week via email.  Occasionally, I get some nice feedback about this blog.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write to me and provide me with encouragement and such kind thoughts.   

I collect some of this feedback and place on my webpage titled "Comments, Feedback, Kudos, and Reviews Regarding the T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung Websites of Green Way Research."  Over the last decade, this positive feedback has inspired me to continue.  

This week I discovered that the Cloud Hands Blog had been recommended the most by the 11,000 people who nominated blogs for the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards - Top Ten Blogs of Into Mountains, Over Streams: The International Journal of Qigong and Taijiquan Culture.  What a pleasant surprise!  Thank you very much dear readers.  

There are many beautiful, original, creative and outstanding blogs on the topics I am interested in learning more about.  Check out the sidebar for many good examples.  Hopefully, I can someday really rise to their level of artistic, informative and creative excellence.  

I get the most feedback about my Spirit of Gardening website that has been online since 1999.  There are avid gardeners all around the world seeking inspiration and ideas about their avocation.  Check out the reviews and kudos for this website. 

"I happened upon your website today and felt like I had rounded the corner to find a magical garden.  Such a wealth of information, so deftly proffered.  As a student of tai chi, a practitioner of chi gung -- and an avid gardener -- I simply wanted to thank you.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated.  Peace!"
-   David Gunter, Sandpoint, Idaho, 19 August 2003

"People like you make the Internet a real blessing."
-  Stanley Atamanchuk, 20 April 2004

Again, many thanks!! 

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  1. Congratulations. No surprise. You have shared so much of value, and with great warmth. I am glad to have found you site.