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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, Chapter 75

Dao De Jing, Laozi
Chapter 75

"The people starve because those above them eat too much tax-grain.
That is the only reason why they starve.
The people are difficult to keep in order because those above them interfere.
That is the only reason why they are so difficult to keep in order.
The people attach no importance to death,
Because those above them are too grossly absorbed in the pursuit of life.
That is why they attach no importance to death.
And indeed, in that their hearts are so little set on life
They are superior to these who set store by life."
-   Translation by Arthur Waley, Chapter 75

"People are hungry.
Because their rulers levy too much grain tax,
Therefore they are hungry.
People are hard to rule.
Because their rulers rule by action (wei),
Therefore they are hard to rule.
People take death lightly.
Because they are in thick pursuit of life,
Therefore they take death lightly.
One who has nothing to pursue in life,
Is wiser than one who values life."
-   Translated by Helen Chen, Chapter 75 

"Starvation of a people comes when an official appropriates to himself too much of the taxes.
The reason a people are difficult to govern is because the officials are too meddlesome; the people make light of death because they are so absorbed in life's interests.
The one who is not absorbed in life is more moral than he who esteems life."
-   Translated by Dwight Goddard, 1919, Chapter 75 

"If you require many concessions from children, they won’t be able to fulfill their own hearts.
Give them many rules to follow and they will rebel.
When people outwardly value life, death is taken lightly.
If death is taken lightly, life will easily be sacrificed."
-   Translated by David Bullen, Chapter 75  

Why are the people starving?
Because their rulers devour too much in taxes.
That's why they starve.
Why are the people rebellious?
Because their rulers can't stop interfering.
That's why they rebel.
Why do the people make light of death?
Because they are intent on life.
That's why they make light of death.
Yet those who do not strive to live
are wiser than those who value life.
-   Translated by Tim Chilcott, 2005, Chapter 75  

" 'The people are starving.'  It is because those high up eat too much tax grain, this is why they are starving.
'The people are hard to govern.' It is because there is Working among those high up, this is why they are hard to govern.
'The people take death lightly.' It is because they pursue a lavish life, this is why they take death lightly.
Simply: Those who do not Work at 'living' - these are better men than those who 'love life.' "
-   Translated by Michael LaFargue, 1992, Chapter 75 

"The people suffer from famine because of the multitude of taxes consumed by their superiors.
Because of this they suffer from famine.
The people are difficult to govern because of the officiousness of their superiors; because of this they are difficult to govern.
Men are continually dying because they lust after life; because of this they frequently die.
It is only those with whom life is no object who truly value life."
-   Translated by C. Spurgeon Medhurst, 1905, Chapter 75 

Chapter and Thematic Index to the Tao Te Ching

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