Monday, October 21, 2013

Planting Roses

Karen and I have been working on expanding our collection of roses in our front yard.  We added 8 new roses.  This location is a sunny one. 

Our daytime temperatures are now below 80F, so we can begin our autumn planting projects.

The background planting behind the roses consists of hedges and plantings of evergreens: bay laurel, rosemary, junipers, redwood, bottlebrush, cypress, holly, and mock orange.  The evergreen pyracanthans have a beautiful fall display of orange-red berries.


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This past Sunday afternoon we completely cleaned out all the remaining summer vegetables from our "Sunny Garden."  We pulled up around 10 pepper plants loaded with bright red peppers.  Our next project this week is to rake this garden, roto-till with our small Mantis tiller, lay down a layer of composted steer manure, roto-till again, plant and water our winter vegetables, and let the major portion of this garden rest and cure throughout the winter months.  We use straw as mulch. 

I'll show a picture next Monday of our progress on this project in our large "sunny" vegetable garden. 

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