Saturday, October 22, 2016

Practicing Piano Again

One of my objectives is to play the piano every day for 60 minutes (2 sessions of 30 mintes, or 3 of 20 minutes).  
I play because it is enjoyable, challenging, and enriching.  
Currently, I am using the Casio LK 280 electronic keyboard with 61 keys.
I use a variety of instructional books and online UTube tutorials.
I like playing with chords.  

I played for one year when I was 41, and for two years when I was 63.
Being 70 years of age, and now recently retired, I have adequate time for renewed pleasures.

I intend to take lessons from a piano teacher when I move and get settled in Vancouver, Washington. Our home is currently for sale.
Lately, my favorite piano music is the Nocturnes by Chopin, performed by Maria Joao Pires.  

Chopin: The Nocturnes (2 CD's)

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