Sunday, May 21, 2017

One Million Page Views of Blog!!

The Cloud Hands Blog went online in 2005.  I have made 2,653 posts to this blog.

Since 2005, this blog has recorded over 1,000,000 Page Views!

Thanks to all my readers!

Also, my Green Way Research websites continue to record many webpage views each year:    Statistics for the 2016 Year (Google Analytics)

Page Views   862,538
Sessions       651,036
Users           562,401        Statistics for the 2016 Year (Google Analytics)         

Page Views   591,683
Sessions       331,906
Users           268,535

On the average, each month, these three web resources have a total of around 141,000 Page Views per month, and are distributed online each month to around 86,000 Users from all around the world.  

I figure that my websites and blog have together served up over 29,000,000 Page Views since 1999.  

Again, Thanks very much to all my readers!


  1. wow, that is amazing! Congratulations! Keep posting, especially the research pages on Tai Chi, they are great for reference!

  2. Thanks! I hope to continue to improve my knowledge and skills in Taijiquan.