Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bone Marrow Washing Qigong

John wrote to me asking,

"Hello, Mike. I have enjoyed all of your guides and articles, and know if I have a guestion I just need to go to your website and I usually always find an answer.

I have been researching Xi Sui Jing or Bone Marrow Washing. I have had no success, and wonder if you may be able to guide me in the right direction to either find a teacher, literature or video on this system. I am told there are 18 forms or exercises. Is this true? I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer and thought this may help with my chemotherapy treatments, although the doctor thinks it's a waste of time and money. Thank you."


Take your oncologist's "advice" about treating cancer in terms of complementary exercises.

As for general well-being, an increased sense of vitality, feeling good, psycho-spiritual progress, positive visualization, and relaxation, qigong has helped many people. People who regularly practice qigong generally have positive comments to make about their experiences.

I've practiced Bone Marrow Washing Shaloin Qigong with a couple of Qigong teachers. I've not seen any consistency in the exercises between these teachers. The sets I learned had around 8 exercises.

Yang Jwing-Ming and Mantak Chia have written books on this qigong form, and, as I recall, give instructions on a version of the set. Yang Jwing-Ming's books are usually very informative and useful for learning forms, and have excellent, detailed background theory.

There are both harder and easier verions of the Xi Sui Jing exercise as with Shaolin White Crane Qigong. 18 Lohan Qigong, another Shaolin Qigong form, is also popular.

I'd recommend The Eight Section Brocade Qigong for a general introductory form, and you don't need to spend any extra money learning it (I explain it for free on a webpage); and, don't spend more than 20 mintues a day, at first, doing the form in the early morning. Also, enjoy some walking if you feel up to it!

Best wishes for a long remission, improved well-being, and a peaceful soul.

Mike Garofalo


  1. Here is a bit I found on the first four exercises, it works wonders on stiff shoulders
    . Daruma Bone and Marrow Washing Exercises .

    Greeting from Japan
    . DARUMA Museum, Japan .


  2. you gave that guy bad advice. Bone marrow can help treat cancer.

    Also there are 24 total exercises/movements today,although the practice originally consisted of 18 movements.

    I recommend the book SCHOLAR WARRIOR, by Deng Ming-Dao. This book gives all 24 movements with drawings and instructions. The book also provides guides for diet, meditation, and so forth.

    Western cancer doctors don't know what they're doing, that's why they give people chemo even though the treatment ravages the body and has EXTREMELY low success rate. In fact, the success rate of chemo is so low that there really isn't any justification for it.

  3. Roberto,

    I hope the man was able to obtain remission of his cancer using a variety of methods.

    I gather that, in your opinion, I gave bad advice because I suggested the cancer patient listen to his oncologist and practice qigong.

    Bone Marrow Qigong is certainly far less painful and weakening, and far less expensive than chemotheraphy, so some pepole will just do Qigong and hope for remission.

    Thanks for the Deng Ming-Dao book reference.


  4. I've been learning BMW from Dr Hu in Berkeley, CA. He rocks it! It's been very powerful to learn this from a true Chinese master. So grateful...

    Best of luck to all... Blessings!

  5. Dear sir

    I have been very confused with some of the literature that I have come across. Xi Sui Jing is supposedly lost?

    How is it possible that people are still practising it.

    What is the mode of transmission of instruction?


  6. Bone Marrow Washing,, Shih Shui Kung, Xi Sui Gong is available at

  7. I've been working on translating versions of Xi Sui Jing. Would you like to see them?

    Kevin Siddons

  8. I've been working on translating Xi Sui Jing. Would you like to see copies?

    Dr. Siddons

    1. surya kiran2:17 AM PST

      Sir Kevin Siddons I would appreciate very much if could get even a glimpse of it since I am very much interested in my ancestor Bodhidharma`s teachings...please enlighten me.