Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chang San Feng

"The legends of “Zhang Sanfeng’s creation of taiji quan” continued in some of the most important modern taiji quan books, such as Xu Yusheng’s 許禹生 Taijiquan Tushi Jie 太极拳势图解, or a Elucidation of Taijiquan Postures in 1921, Sun Loutang’s 孫祿堂 Taiji Quanxue 太極拳學, or the Learning of Taiji Quan in 1924, Ceng Weiming’s 陳微明 Taiji Quan Shu 太極拳術, or the Art of Taiji Quan in 1925, and Yang Chengfu’s 揚澄甫 Tiaji Quan Tiyong Quanshu 太極拳體用全書, or the Essence and Applications of Taiji Quan in 1934, and in the oral traditions as well. According to Xu Zhen 許震 (1898-1967), the source of Zhang Sanfeng’s association with Taiji quan must have been the Yang family partisans no earlier than Guangxu 光緒 reign (1875-1904) of the Qing dynasty. (Xu Zhen, 112) The attribution of “Zhang Sanfeng’s creation of taiji quan” was seriously taken as a creed, and this creed has been concretized via lineage records, ceremonies, altars, and iconography to the majority of taiji quan enthusiasts."

Literati Tradition: The Origins of Taiji. The Origins of Tai Chi - The Chang San Feng Camp. By Bing YeYoung. A well researched article. Includes bibliographical references. 36Kb.

Chang San-Feng, Taoist Master. Brief biography, links, bibliography, quotations, and a study of the "Treatise on Tai Chi Chuan". Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo. Includes poems and commentary by Mike Garofalo. Red Bluff, California, Green Way Research, 2005. 75Kb.

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