Sunday, November 19, 2006

Currently Reading

Mike Garofalo in Red Bluff, California

The books that I am currently reading and studying include:

Essential Yoga: An Illustrated Guide to Over 100 Yoga Poses and
Meditation. By Olivia H. Miller. San Francisco, Chronicle Books,
Ohm Works, 2003. Index, 239 pages. ISBN: 0811841154.
Includes most stanards poses and some good sequences.

Tibetan Relaxation: Kum Nye Massage and Movement. A Yoga for
Healing and Energy from the Tibetan Tradition. By Tarthang Tulku.
London, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2003. Index, 144 pages.
ISBN: 1904292674. The self-massage techniques are extensive
and excellent.

Zen Body-Being: An Enlightened Approach to Physical Skill, Grace,
and Power. By Peter Ralston with Laura Ralston. Berkeley, California,
Frog, Ltd.. 183 pages. ISBN: 1583941592. Like Ralston's other books,
the layers of philosophy make for a slow read.

The Serpent and the Wave: A Guide to Movement Meditation.
By Jalaja Bonheim. Berkeley, California, Celestial Arts, 1992.
Index, 258 pages. ISBN: 0890876576. A very satisfying
presentation on movement arts with considerable mythical
and spiritual insight.

The Complete Book of Zen. By Wong Kiew Kit. Boston, Tuttle
Publishing, 2002. Index, 324 pages. ISBN: 0804834415.

The Sword Polisher's Record: The Way of Kung Fu. By Adam
Hsu. Boston, Massachusetts, Tutle, 1998. 204 pages.
ISBN: 0804831386.

My Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong reading lists are located at the Cloud Hands website.

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