Saturday, November 11, 2006

Qigong: Wild Goose

“Breathing in and out in various manners, spitting out the old and taking in the new, walking like a bear and stretching their neck like a bird to achieve longevity - this is what such practitioners of Dao-yin, cultivators of the body and all those searching for long life like Ancestor Peng, enjoy.”
- Chuang-Tzu, Chapter 15, circa 300 BCE.

The Wild Goose Qigong webpage includes references to books, websites, videos, DVDs and instructional resources on this popular Chinese exercise system. A list of the 64 movements of the form is included. Information on all of the masters of the form are included. Lore and Taoist legends about geese and mythical birds are included.

Video, Wild Goose Qigong, 35 seconds, 2nd 64 movements, Performed by Jing Shang-Tang. However, I cannot recommend doing Qigong in a silk kungfu outfit on a snowy day.

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