Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dao De Jing, Chapter 81

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Chapter 81

"They may have carts and boats
but there will be no need to ride in them;
they may have armor and weapons
but they will never need to display them.
Let the people go back to tying knots for record-keeping;
let their food be savory;
their clothing beautiful;
their customs pleasurable;
their homes secure.
Though they may gaze across at a neighbor's holdings
and hear the sounds of it's dogs and chickens,
they will not bother them, coming and going.
They will die of happy old age."
-   Translated by Jerry C. Welch, Chapter 81 

"Real words are not vain,
Vain words not real;
And since those who argue prove nothing
A sensible man does not argue.
A sensible man is wiser than he knows,
While a fool knows more than is wise.
Therefore a sensible man does not devise resources:
The greater his use to others
The greater their use to him,
The more he yields to others
The more they yield to him.
The way of life cleaves without cutting:
Which, without need to say,
Should be man's way."
-   Translated by Witter Bynner, Chapter 81  

"No one likes the honest truth,
And all fine talk falls short of it.

Real words are never used to seduce you,
And those that do are no good.

The one who really knows, knows without books
- the so-called learned know nothing.

The sage holds nothing of himself back-
He uses all he has for you, and that is his reward.
He gives all he is
and that is why he's rich.

And the Tao of Heaven
feeds everything, and harms nothing

And the sage's Tao
completes it,
without doing anything."
-   Translated by Kwok, Palmer and Ramsey, Chapter 81  

"As honest words may not sound fine,
Fine words may not be honest ones;
A good man does not argue, and
An arguer may not be good!
The knowers are not learned men
And learned men may never know.

The Wise Man does not hoard his things;
Hard-pressed, from serving other men,
He has enough and some to spare;
But having given all he had,
He then is very rich indeed.

God's Way is gain that works no harm;
The Wise Man's way, to do his work
Without contending for a crown."
-   Translated by Raymond Blakney, Chapter 81   

"Words to trust and not refine.
Words refined are not to trust.
Good men are not gifted speakers.
Gifted speakers are not good.
Experts are not widely learned;
The widely learned not expert.
Wise rulers for themselves keep naught,
Yet gain by having done for all,
Have more for having freely shared;
Do good not harm is heaven’s Way;
The wise act for and not against."
-   Translated by Moss Roberts, Chapter 81 


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