Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The End of a Mistake

One action helped brighten the month of December for me, and 77% of Americans agreed with me according to recent polls - the United States of American military forces are leaving Iraq by December 31, 2011.  

The United States military invaded Iraq in 2003.  This "War" will eventually cost us 4 trillion dollars.  Our U.S. soldiers gave much in this "War": 4,480 dead and 32,000 wounded. There were an estimated 654,000 Iraqi's killed.  

We found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  There was little evidence that Iraq was involved with planning or implementing the 9/11 attacks in the U.S - all the attackers and masterminds of 9/11 were Saudis and Islamic Al-Qaeda terrorists.  We got rid of one dictatorial regime in Iraq, and plenty still remain in the Middle East.  Islamic sectarianism is still rife in Iraq, and civil unrest is likely in the future.  Not surprisingly, very few nations helped us in this "War" with troops or financial support.  

We did show Middle Eastern countries, most with far less military power than Iraq, that the United States is the biggest and strongest man on the block.  The federal political leaders of the U.S. are very willing to go into deep debt and sacrifice many lives to prove to others that they can do what they want even when their justification for doing so is minimal and deemed unreasonable by many.  Even a conservative independent can seriously question the purpose and usefulness of this past "War" with Iraq. 

I would have rather spent 4 trillion dollars on helping States in the U.S., and not killing so many people.  

I remember vividly one Iraqi mother, distraught over seeing her mangled dead children after a U.S. bomb attack, screaming into the camera "Americans are Terrorists!"   Were we?  

Thankfully, we are leaving Iraq.  It is part of our unpleasant and embarrassing past mistakes.    

Suggestion for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution: 
War Powers Authorization by Public Vote


  1. I am in total agreement and ask your permission to repost this ... "The End of a Mistake" on my blog or facebook. Thank you, Sharon

  2. Sharon,

    You are welcome to repost "The End of a Mistake."