Friday, October 19, 2012

Tai Chi Standard 24 Form

The first Taijiquan form I learned in 1986 was the Standard 24 Movement T'ai Chi Ch'uan Form in the Yang Style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  At that time there were no books or instructional videotapes on this popular form.  Since that time, nearly 25 years have past.  Now there are dozens of books and instructional DVDs and webpages on the subject of the 24 Form. 

Snake Creeps Down on Left Side

My webpage on the Standard 24 Taijiquan Form has been the most popular webpage on the Cloud Hands Website for many years. In the sidebar of this blog, you will find a quick index to this webpage.

Standard Simplified Taijiquan 24 Form.  Research by Michael P. Garofalo, M.S. This webpage includes a detailed bibliography of books, media, links, online videos, articles, and resources.  It provides a list of the 24 movement names in English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish, with citations for sources of the movement names.  It provides detailed descriptions of each movement with black and white line illustrations and  photographs.  It includes relevant quotations, notes, performance times, section breakdowns, basic Tai Chi principles, and strategies for learning the form.  The Peking (Bejing) Chinese National orthodox standard simplified 24 movement T'ai Chi Ch'uan form, created in 1956, is the most popular form practiced all around the world.  This form uses the Yang Style of Taijiquan.  Published by Green Way Research, Valley Spirit Taijiquan, Red Bluff, California:  Webpage URL:  File size: 269 Kb. 

This webpage provides many good suggestions for a person learning this form on their own if there is no Tai Chi class in their area. 

The most detailed book that I have seen on the subject of the 24 Form is:

The Yang Taiji 24 Step Short Form: A Step by Step Guide for All Levels
By James Drewe
London, Singing Dragon Press, 2011.
382 pages, black and white photographs, charts, detailed descriptions, training tips.

I give information on many other fine books by other good authors on the 24 Form in my webpage: Cheng Zhao, Foen Tjoeng Lie, Eric Chaline, Le Deyin, etc.. 

My students tell me that their favorite instructional DVD on the 24 Form is:

Tai Chi - The 24 Forms
By Dr. Paul Lam

I have taught this lovely Tai Chi form to hundreds of people since 2000.  Everyone tells me how much they enjoy learning and practicing this gentle form. 

"I am an acupuncturist and instructor in the San Francisco Bay area and will participate in the annual assembly of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Atlanta on November 14-18, 2012.  I will be one of the speakers for the workshop on "Chinese Therapeutic Exercises: A Cognitive and Kinesthetic Approach."  I will demonstrate the Simplified 24-form Tai Chi Chuan and introduce its therapeutic effects.  I found your website during my searching for pictures of the 24 Form.  I am impressed by your detailed instruction and the pictures for each movement.  Although there are some other similar pictures at other websites, your pictures are clearer with sequence numbers for easier following.  It's also amazing that you collected so much information including many citations about various Tai Chi Chuan activities.  I believe you are a lover or fan of Tai Chi.  I am deeply moved by your extensive efforts on your Cloud Hands website, which is a great reference for a Tai Chi learner.  May I ask for your approval to cite your pictures on your 24 Form webpage in my PowerPoint presentation for discussion?  We will print out this file as a handout for participants at the workshop.  Of course, I will put your website on it and introduce it to everyone at the workshop, and also express my gratitude for your generous sharing during my lecture."
-  Carol Wang, Email on October 18, 2012     


I also teach and enjoy playing the Chen Style Taijiquan 18 Movement Form created by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Actually, in the last year, I have enjoyed practicing the Chen 18 Form more than the 24 Form.  Maybe it is just a case of novelty.   

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