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Crane Frolic Qigong, Exercise #3

Crane Frolics Chi Kung, Exercise #3

3.  The Grandmother Crane Shakes the Dust from Her Wings  

a) From the Crane Stance step out with the right leg at an angle, placing the heel gently on the floor.  Lean back as you raise your arms up the sides of the body.  As the arms are raised upward the palms face downward and the fingers are spread open.  Inhale as you raise your arms and lean back. 

b) Begin to shift the weight forward into right leg and flatten the right foot as you draw your hands in a downward and inward arc towards the center of your body.  As the arms move down, turn the hands so that the palms are facing upward when you reach about waist level.  Exhale as you move the arms downward.  Some people might need to bring both fee together at this point so as to be able to balance well enough to perform part c) of this movement sequence. 
c) Shift all the weight into the right leg.  Begin to raise the arms forward and upward to above shoulder height, palms up, fingers open, arms out to the side.  As the arms raise the left knee is drawn upward until it is at about waist height.  Inhale as you drawn both arms and the left knee upward.  Look forward. 
d) Draw both arms down and back as you lower your left knee and step backward to the starting position.  Step back with the right foot to return to the starting position and a Crane Stance.  The hands return to Dan Tian level.  Exhale as you move from c) to d). 
Repeat the same movement sequence above (a-d) to the opposite left side (i.e., stepping out to the left side at an angle, leaning back and raising arms, drawing right knee to waist, then steeping back). 
Instead of stepping back in part d) you could bring the foot back to alongside the other foot.  Then turn the body slightly to the left and begin a repetition of parts (a-d) to the opposite left side.  You would need room for moving forward.  
The model I have used for this movement is identical to the movement performed by Anson Rathbone in his Bird Frolic, #4 Dry Your Wings.   
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