Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spenta Armaiti - A Bounteous Immortal

"Spenta Armaiti, Mother of all humility,
Wisdom, piety, and benevolence are yours,
Love, serenity, and service are yours,
Devotion, tranquility, and peace, are yours,

May these traits also be within me,
May these traits reside in my heart and spirit,
Blessed Armaiti, amplify these traits within me.

That I might continue to serve the Kindred in devotion and reverence!
That I might continue to serve the Folk in love and joy!

Mighty Aramaiti, accept this gift, a reflection of my devoted heart. Be it so!"
-  From Reverend Jessie Olson, ADF Priestess, Chico, California
Prayers to the Goddess  
Summer Solstice Celebrations 
"Spenta Armaiti is one of the Amesha Spentas, the seven "Bounteous Immortals" of the Zoroastrian tradition. These are emanations of the one God Ahura Mazda, which are sometimes personified and sometimes considered as abstract concepts. Of all the Seven, Spenta Armaiti is perhaps the most difficult to translate and explain. The term Spenta is itself hard to translate into English; it means "increasing" or "growing" but with a connotation of goodness, holiness, and benevolence. Ali Jafarey translates it prosaically as "progressive." Armaiti is even more difficult to convey in English. Scholars of Avesta have rendered the name as "divine wisdom," "devotion," "piety," "benevolence," "loving- kindness," "right-mindedness," "peace and love," or even "service." Jafarey, using the later Persian word aramati or "tranquillity" as his model, translates Armaiti as "serenity." Thus his translation of Spenta Armaiti is "Progressive Serenity," a rather opaque term. Dr. Farhang Mehr has translated Spenta Armaiti with the more gracious "universal bountiful peace.""
-   Hannah Shapero


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