Thursday, June 06, 2013

June Gardening Chores

June Gardening Chores in Red Bluff, California, USDA Zone 9

Watering on a regular basis in the early morning hours.
Mowing lawns.
Weeding around vegetables and shrubs.
Wearing a hat and long sleeved shirts. 
Maintenance on lawn mowing equipment.
Enjoying vegetables and fruits.
Thinning out excess fruit on trees.
Mulching with straw.
Training vines on support structures, and pruning vigorous grape vines.
Relaxing in the shade.
Enjoying annuals in bloom.
Turning and watering the compost pile. 
Removing spent roses. 
Reading, resting, and meditating in the shade. 
Sipping cool water and tea.   
Deep soaking trees and shrubs. 
Painting and other maintenance as needed. 
Keeping tender potted plants in the afternoon shade. 
Planting annuals.

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