Sunday, February 16, 2014

High Desert Travel

On Friday, we drove from Red Bluff to Sacramento, and then from Sacramento to Reno, Nevada.  It was cloudy and cool all day, but no rain.  Donner Pass and the Sierra were shockingly devoid of snow.  It is 270 miles from Red Bluff to Sacramento to Reno. 

We stayed at the Peppermill Hotel in Reno.  It was very busy with Valentine's Day visitors.  A lovely room, a beautiful casino atmosphere, sumptious dining, and all at a considerable expense.

We left on Saturday morning and drove east on Interstate 84 to Winnemucca, Nevada.  They we drove north on U.S. 95 to Burns Junction, and then northwest on Oregon Route 78 to Burns, Oregon.  We stayed Saturday night in Burns.  It is 391 miles from Reno to Burns. 

Clear skies, dry, and dramatic high desert views in all directions.


  1. cathy goodin8:29 AM PST

    you got some nice shots with the mountains in the distance

  2. Most were just taken from a Google Images search on: Great Basin Desert, Nevada High Desert, Oregon Desert.

  3. We did take a lot of pictures ourselves. Many of the mountain ranges had snow above 6,000 feet. It was cloudy at times during our trips, but with great long range views across valleys towards mountain ranges.