Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ideals Worth Pursuing

"Stoics want us to practice fortitude in the face of blows of fate; they want us to develop self-control especially over destructive and negative emotions; they want us to improve our moral and spiritual well-being; they want us to align our lives with the divine logos permeating all of creation.  They want us to be passionately an joyfully peaceful, as well as wise, courageous, disciplined and just.  They want us to examine our lives and practice daily disciplines ─ spiritual exercises ─ which will become habits of the heart to help us here and now.  They want us to be indifferent to indifferent things, and to concentrate on what we can control and what we can choose, and left go of the things we can't.  They want us to love in harmony and be in a state of happiness, to help each other, and live in love.  Because we are disturbed not by things but by the interpretations our minds put on things, by the views we take of things.  And aren't these ideals worth pursuing, worth having, worth being?  In short, they want us to live more meaningfully and less mindlessly."
Stoicism Today: Selected Writings, edited by Patrick Ussher, 2014, p. 16  




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