Monday, November 27, 2017

Bau Daun Jin Research

Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung

Bibliography, Instructions, Links, Benefits, Exercises, History, Lore
A Hypertext Notebook
By Michael P. Garofalo, M.S.

463 Kb, November 28, 2017

Chi Kung (Dao-yin, Yang Sheng Gong, Qigong) are Various Ancient Chinese Exercise and Fitness Practices

The Eight Pieces of Beautiful Silk Brocade Chi Kung (Ba Duan Jin Qigong) is a popular Chi Kung Form.    

The Eight Treasures Dao-yin (Ways for Pulling, Stretching, and Guiding the Body-Mind Energies)

The Eight Useful Chi Kung Exercises for Improved Fitness, Vitality, Healing, and Longevity 

Eight Immortal Ones Taoist Longevity Practices  

Eight Beautiful Tapestries Chi Kung for Nourishing Life Training (Yang Sheng Gong)

A Shaolin Temple, Taijiquan and Martial Arts Warm-up Routine

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