Sunday, November 19, 2017

Coping with the Blues

I found the article "Coping with Depression" from Health Guide to be informative and useful.  One may just have "the blues," and need to apply some self-help suggestions to get back to feeling better.

1.  Reach out and stay connected.
2.  Do things that make you feel good.
3.  Get moving
4.  Eat a healthy, depression fighting diet.
5.  Get a daily dose of sunlight.
6.  Challenge negative thinking

The suggestions on ways to avoid negative thinking are staple recommendations from the Rational Emotive Behavorial Therapy (REBT) school popularized by Dr. Albert Ellis. 

"Come up with a list of things that you can do for a quick mood boost. The more “tools” for coping with depression, the better. Try and implement a few of these ideas each day, even if you’re feeling good. 

Spend some time in nature
List what you like about yourself
Read a good book
Watch a funny movie or TV show
Take a long, hot bath
Take care of a few small tasks
Play with a pet
Talk to friends or family face-to-face
Listen to music
Do something spontaneous"

Ways to Lift Your Spirits, by Mike Garofalo, 9/15/2011, 3 pages PDF format.

How to Live a Good Life: Advice from Wise Persons Compiled by Mike Garofalo.

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