Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Taiji Cane - Gene Burnett

Taiji Cane, Tai Chi Chuan Cane/Stick/Staff/Zhang
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By Mike Garofalo

"Gene Burnett teaches T'ai-Chi in Ashland, Oregon, and has been teaching since 1985. He was certified to teach T'ai-Chi by Andrew Dale, chief instructor of the Xin Qi Shen Dojo in Seattle, Washington.  
He combines traditional Chinese principles of health, balance and self-defense with a Western, psychological, Bioenergetic approach in an on-going exploration of the body/mind connection."

Water Study Chi Kung with Gene Burnett

Gene Burnett teaches a two part cane form which can be used in partner practice.  He said that Andrew Dale created this interesting and valuable cane form, and it was based on an Aikido short staff form.  

I do not know how to do this cane form.  I am attracted to the types of strong offensive strikes.  You would need to be trained, practiced, calm, gentle, trusting, and follow formal rules for "safe' partner practice of this cane form.  

Anyone in Vancouver, Washington, want to learn and practice this cane form?  Write me.  

Gene Burnett offers many instructional videos on the Taiji Cane on Utube.  

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