Friday, November 17, 2017

Chen 19 Form of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

I began learning this Tai Chi form from Sifu David Fetyko in Vancouver, Washington, in October of 2017.

I am just beginning my hypertext notebook on the subject.  

Chen Taijiquan 19 Form.  Instructional DVD by Sifu Ken Gullette.  NTSC format, 105 minutes.  Amazon  English language narration with excellent audio track.  Very good video quality.  The form is demonstrated in its entirety from both front and back views.  Sifu Gullette provides detailed instructions for each movement and some coaching of a student.  His descriptions are clear, accurate, and very informative.  VSCL. 

Chen Taijiquan 19 Form: A Detailed Step-by-Step Reference for the Short Beginner's Form of Chen Tai Chi.  EBook by Sifu Ken Gullette.  Internal Fighting Arts, 2013, 250 pages, more than 200 photographs.  Promotional review of EBook.  "With more than 200 photographs and detailed instruction on body mechanics, this book is unlike any Taiji instructional book you've ever seen. It provides a detailed, step-by-step, frame-by-frame reference for the short beginner's form of Chen Tai Chi. A lot of books show a movement, then the next movement, but sometimes, books do not show specifically how to get from one movement to the next. In this book, Ken Gullette shows all the details. The Chen 19 Form takes about 5 minutes to perform. It was designed in 1995 by Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, a direct descendant of Tai Chi's creator, Chen Wangting. Grandmaster Chen designed the 19 Form after being asked by students around the world for a shorter form than the 75-movement Laojia Yilu. He based the 19 Form primarily on the longer form. Ken Gullette learned the Chen 19 Form beginning in 1998 from his teachers, Jim and Angela Criscimagna of Rockford, Illinois, and from their teacher, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, who visited Rockford to teach Chen Taiji workshops. This is the first in a two-part series of e-books. The second volume will teach self-defense applications of the movements in the Chen 19 Form. In this book, Ken shows the movements and reminds you of what is happening inside, including the ground path, spiraling, whole-body movement, peng jin, Dan T'ien rotation, and opening/closing the kua. The book is a companion and reference for Ken's Chen 19 Form DVD, but the book was designed to stand alone as an instructional tool. Ken began studying martial arts in 1973 at the age of 20, inspired by Bruce Lee and the Kung-Fu TV show. It became a way of life. He is a tournament champion, winning trophies from 1974 to 2013, including two National Titles at the 1990 AAU Kung Fu National Championships, and numerous tournament wins for forms, weapons, and sparring. Ken began teaching in 1997 and still teaches a small group of students in the Quad Cities (Iowa and Illinois) plus his membership website has members around the world, and he teaches through DVDs and ebooks. Ken is a teacher and a student, always working to get better and passing on what he learns to those who are not as far along the path of internal kung-fu."  - Amazon  Purchase EBook from Amazon for $4.99.  VSCL. 

Chen Taiji Self-Defense, Fighting Applications of the Chen Family Tai Chi 19 Form.  By Sifu Ken Gullette.  Kindle E Book, 2013.  202 pages. 

Chen Taijiquan 19 Short Form  A PDF file that includes detailed descriptions of each movement, 12 pages, 2011.  From Madison Chen Style Taijiquan Studio.

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