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Chen Taijiquan Laojia Yilu

Chen Style Taijiquan
Old Frame (Lao Jia), First Form (Yi Lu), Laojia Yilu   陈氏 太极拳 老架

Chen Taijiquan Laojia Yilu 74 Movement Hand Form Webpage

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List of Movements in Laojia Yilu 74 Chen Taijiquan

Chen Style Taijiquan System

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Index

Taijiquan: Cultivating Inner Strength  By C. P. Ong.  Bagua Press, 2013.  366 pages.  ISBN: 978-0615874074.  VSCL.  "This book diverges from traditional exposition on Taijiquan as it engages rather than shuns the role of muscles in elucidating the cryptic practice dictum of “using yi (mind) and not li (muscle force).” It centers on the core principle of Taiji balance—the balance of yin and yang, but presents the metaphysics of balance the way the body comprehends it, developmentally, through practice in the musculo-skeletal framework. In the process, the fog of mystique lifts, and the many abstruse concepts of Taijiquan become clear. Taijiquan training is physical at the initial phase, but the slow-motion exercise nurtures a meditative discipline of the mind. As it progresses, the soft methodology grows into one of building qi-energy, and then the practice becomes more internalized. The process fortifies the body with qi and cultivates a holistic balance of the organ systems. The book explains how the training methodology, in pursuing Taiji balance, leads to the development of a highly refined strength called neijin (inner strength). By incorporating the training of “silk-reeling energy” in Taiji balance, the practitioner develops the coiling power (chanrao jin) that underlies the magic of Taijiquan kungfu."  Dr. Ong has a Ph.D. in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley.  C.P. Ong is a 20th generation Chen Family Taijiquan disciple of both Chen Xiaowang and Chen Zhenglei.  He has traveled with them, as well as with Zhu Tiancai, for a few years in their U.S. workshop tours.  This book has many photographs of his adventures and travels with Chen teachers.  

Chen Tai Chi Laojia Yilu.  By Sifu Ken Gullette.  Instructional DVD, 2 Disc Set, 5 hours and 3 minutes of Instruction, NTSC format.  Moline, Illinois, Internal Fighting Arts, 2015.  In-depth coaching on internal body dynamics.  Internal Fighting Arts of Ken Gullette, copyright 2015. .  Sifu Ken Gullette was certified in 2005 as an instructor through Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing's school in the Chen Villiage, China.  Sifu Gullette demonstrates the complete form from both a front and back view.  Detailed and informative verbal instructions and precise physical demonstrations are provided by Sifu Gullette for each of the 75 movements in this traditional form.  A strong emphasis on internal body mechanics.  Spiraling methods are given for the arms and hands.  Martial applications are shown.  Excellent coaching by Sifu Gullette for beginners learning this form.  Instruction is done with front, side, and rear views to facilitate visual learning.  Good English language is used: direct, explicit, clear, detailed, informative, with a calm and pleasant voice in a typical practical American style.  Very good attention to the legs: postures, movements, weighting, shifting, stepping angles, and principles.  His explanations, in general, are outstanding.  Five hours of superior instruction for an very affordable DVD at $29.95 in 2016.  This DVD lacks a good menu system - its only drawback.  You have to jump forward section by section to get to where you want to go.  VSCL.  

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