Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yin and Yang Are ...

"Yin is passive, yielding, earthy and supportive; whereas Yang is expansive, active, upward, and outward.  

When  your weight is all on one leg, that leg is Yin (supportive, earthy, inactive, yielding), and the stepping leg is Yang (active, upward, outward, expansive)."

-  Robert Chuckrow, Tai Chi Dynamics, p.40

Yang is associated with the sun, light, sunshine, brightness, illumination, warmth, energizing, Heaven, Fire, outer work.

Yin is associated with the moon, darkness, coolness, stillness, Earth, Water, calmness, inner work.  

Tai Chi Dynamics: Principles of Natural Movement, Health and Self-Development. By Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D. Boston, Massachusetts, YMAA Pub. Center, 2008. Index, 252 pages. ISBN: 978-1594391163. Dr. Chuckrow was a student of Cheng Man-ch'ing, William C. C. Chen, and Harvey I Sober. VSCL. A challenging book to read. The author, a physics professor, uses considerable technical/scientific vocabulary to describe Tai Chi Chuan movements, postures, mechanics, and underlying principles. 

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