Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Speaking of New Age Tai Chi

"When a modern day "New Age" practitioner of tai chi speaks of the art as being  "good for his health and a way to align his energy with the energy of the Tao," that viewpoint came largely from Sun Lu Tang. Or when pa kua practitioners walk the pa kua circle on a California beach and talk of how "pa kua forms are physical embodiments of the I-Ching," their ideas derive largely from Sun Lu Tang. Or when modern day practitioners of xing yi opine that "the five forms of xing yi interact like the five basic elements in Taoist cosmology," they to owe their thinking largely to Sun Lu Tang."
- Elisabeth Guo and Brian L. Kennedy, Sun Lu Tang: Fighter, Scholar and Image Maker.

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Sun Style Taijiquan: Bibliography, Links, Resources, Quotes
By Michael P. Garofalo

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Sun Lu Tang (1861-1932)

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