Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Cheng Man-ch'ing T'ai Chi Ch'uan Workshop

A two day master workshop on the Cheng Man-ch'ing style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan will be held in Newport, Oregon on Saturday and Sunday, June 25th and 26th, 2016, 10:00 a.m. - noon and 2:00 - 5:30 each day. This workshop will be taught by Oliver Pijoan and assisted by Jon Griffis (past senior student of Oliver’s and a current Tai Chi instructor in Fort Collins, Colorado). 

The entire form will be covered in detail emphasizing the finer and more challenging aspects of Dr. Cheng’s style of Tai Chi Chuan, its philosophical attributes and integration of the five principles.

Cost: $175.00 both days, $95.00 one day.  $165.00 both days, $90.00 one day if paid in full before May 15th.  A $50.00 deposit is required to secure your place.  Mail to: Oliver Pijoan, 345 SE 98th St., South Beach, OR 97366.

Oliver Pijoan, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 25 years, is a master teacher of tai chi with more than 40 years of tai chi experience. Oliver began studying Wu style tai chi with John Menken in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1974, and then Cheng Man-ch'ing style in 1999.  His teachers have included Benjamin Lo, Tam Gibbs (direct students of Professor Chen), Michael Stenson (a second generation teacher of Professor Chen) and other notable instructors.  Please contact Oliver at (970) 222-8529 or email him at dr.olivario@gmail.com for further information."  Teaching in Newport and Waldport, Oregon.  

I plan to attend this Cheng Man-ch'ing Workshop in Newport, Oregon, in June of 2016.  

Flyer for this workshop.  

Chen Man-ch'ing (1901-1975)  Chinese medical doctor, Tai Chi master, author, poet, painter.  This webpage includes a brief chronology, extensive bibliography, links, resources, and quotations.  

Chen Man-ch'ing T'ai Chi Ch'uan 37 Movement Form in the Yang Style
List of postures in English with the Wade-Giles transliterations of the Mandarin Chinese posture phrases, facing directions for each posture, and source references.  A Valley Spirit Taijiquan Guide by Mike Garofalo.  PDF, print only format.  First published online in September, 2008.  

T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Northern California, Oregon and Washington

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