Monday, September 30, 2013

Medicine Ball Exercises

Magic Pearl Qigong

If you enjoy doing exercises with a medicine ball, you might enjoy practicing my Magic Pearl Qigong.

This body/mind movement art practice was developed using Chen style Taijiquan medicine ball (Tai Chi Ball) exercises, Yang Style Taijiquan medicine ball exercises, qigong forms, and general gym styles of medicine ball exercise routines.  The psychological, symbolic, and meditative aspects of the Magic Pearl Qigong involve Chinese Taoist, Buddhist, and mythological lore.  Followers of Dragon motifs and lore will enjoy the associations found in this form.  

This qigong routine was designed for use with a medicine ball while holding the ball in two hands, so as to allow for the use of heavier medicine balls.  This exercise routine can be done indoors and does not require much space for the practice.  

Magic Pearl Qigong by Michael P. Garofalo

A brief summary of the first 7 exercises in the Magic Pearl Qigong has been provided to facilitate learning and encourage daily practice.  Eventually, I will get around to describing all 18 movements of the Magic Pearl Qigong form.  For another 18 movement Qigong form, refer to the Shaolin Zen Buddhist Eighteen Hands of the Luohan

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