Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing Software: Atlantis

Lately, I have been using the Atlantis word processor to work on Ebooks that my wife, Karen, and I are writing, and will be publishing online starting in December, 2013. 

The Atlantis Word Processor is full-featured, fast, compact, and inexpensive at $35.00. 

I use Microsoft Office at work and at home.  I use Word 2003 running on Windows XP on my home and work desktops, Karen uses Word 2007 running on Windows 7 on her desktop, and we use Word 2013 running on Windows 8 on our Toshiba Satellite laptop.  Most of our documents are in .doc format, backed up to an external hard drive, and easily imported into Atlantis.  Atlantis saves documents in a variety of formats.  I am most familiar and most comfortable with using Word 2003, and Atlantis is quite similar in appearance and functionality to Word 2003.  Since I also use Excel, Access, and PowerPoint at work, Microsoft Office is indispensable.  However, If all you need is a good word processor, then consider buying and using Atlantis.     

You can easily export the entire Atlantis word processing software to a USB flash drive, because the program is only 9.8 MB in size, and quickly use Atlantis on any Windows computer.  Kind of like a "Cloud" on a lanyard.  A great addition for my tiny Acer Netbook laptop. 

I really like how Atlantis exports to EPUB format.  Even Word 2013 can’t export to EPUB format. The Atlantis software even comes with an Ebook template. 

I read Ebook files with the Calibre Ebook Reader and with a Kindle Paperlight.  Both Karen and I use the Kindle Paperlight readers.  Calibre can convert any EPUB file into many Ebook formats other than EPUB.  Calibre is open source and free, and a donation is advised for this high quality product.  

As we are both now semi-retired, we are looking for more ways to generate income from our web publishing efforts at our Green Way Research business.  Our hope is to have a more successful home business, and too work more at our rural home office in the very near future. 

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