Sunday, March 16, 2014

The "Cosmos" Televison Series Returns

The National Geographic Television Channel (FOX) is now presenting a new 2014 version of the famous "Cosmos" series each Sunday.  It is now narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

Last Sunday, the NGTC (FOX) ran all the old "Cosmos" 1980 series episodes, narrated by Carl Sagan.  I recorded each episode and rewatched the original series. 

Cosmos  By Carl Sagan (1934-1996).  Introduction by Ann Druyan, and Foreword by Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Reprinted by Ballantine Books in 2013.  Originally published by Random House in 1980.  Index, recommended reading, notes, 432 pages. ISBN: 9780345539435.  VSCL.  The most popular science book of the last 50 years.  The TV series, Cosmos (1980), has been viewed by over 500 million people. 

The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark  By Carl Sagan.  New York, Ballantine Books, 1996.  Index, references, 457 pages.  ISBN: 9780345409461.  VSCL.  A thorough investigation of pseudo-science in contemporary life.  

I am rereading both Cosmos and The Demon Haunted World.  

Instead of Cosmos a person could watch, instead, one or more of the many current television "programs" featuring zombies, bigfoot, mediums, vampires, super-heroes with magical powers, ghost hunting, demons, psychics, preachers of the supernatural, UFO hunters, magicians, fabricated crime dramas, wizards, Bible myths, aliens, witches, angels, paranormal phenomena, prophets, religious relics, cults and many other topics of questionable value to the scientifically and practically minded.  How have these topics contributed one iota to our progress in medicine, agriculture, technology, tools, homemaking, better communities, or practical living?  Unquestionably, to my mind, in America, our tolerance for bunk, stupidity, spooky fictions, fringe rarities, bogus ideas, trivia and nonsense knows no limit on television.  Television is now worse that in 1990 when Professor Sagan tried to enlighten us about the dangers of pseudo-science. 



  1. Your last paragraph was so well said. I found the new "Cosmos" to be absolutely mesmerizing.

  2. It's an excellent show. We're looking forward to enjoying each episode.

  3. I've always preferred reading "non-fiction" over "fiction." Enjoyed both the old and new episodes of "Cosmos." Yes, we are made of stardust.