Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan

"In the Hun Yuan Tai Chi form, each movement flows into the next in an endless circle of energy. The first stage of learning involves remembering the individual movements which are all based on the following Tai Chi principles:

1. Keep the spine straight and relaxed - not tense.
2. Bend your knees to enable weight transfer.
3. Let your weight sink down to the soles of the feet - not held in the upper body or the thighs. Develop natural weight transfer – from ground to ground.
4. Legs are the foundation. Each movement starts from the legs, to the waist (which also enables the spine to rotate) and then to the arms. The waist controls the upper body.
Avoid leaning with the upper body.
5. Distinguish between empty and solid. Control your centre of gravity. Step out empty with no weight, so that you may be able to retrieve your step if necessary.
6. Be aware of relaxing the shoulders.
7. Use minimum amount of strength to move the body. Anything more is tension. Relax, relax, relax.
8. Coordinate the lower and the upper body.
9. Distinguish between open and close within the movement. Feel your back and chest. Avoid leaning.
10. Use your mind, that is, your intention, to lead the movement."

- Brett Wagland, Experiencing the First Stage of Hun Yuan Tai Chi

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